CATS members enjoy broad professional benefits being part of their national specialty association, as well as personal benefits.

Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons (CATS) was established in 1998 and is the association representing all Canadian Thoracic Surgeons. Its vision of  “enabling every Canadian thoracic surgeon to provide the highest level of care to every patient every time” attests to the dedication of our surgeons. CATS is a collaborative network promoting excellence in patient-centered care, fostering innovation, and enhancing quality through education, research, and advocacy.

Currently, we have over 140 members including thoracic surgeons and residents, as well as retired surgeons and honorary members, who are internationally renowned surgeons.

Professional Benefits

CATS was established in 1998, and has been working on a number of exciting projects, which include:

  • National database of thoracic procedures and outcomes (CATS DB)
  • Development of Canadian guidelines for a number of pertinent issues in thoracic surgery
  • Expanded educational offerings (hands-on course, master course, exam prep course)
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives
  • Wellness Committee
  • Improved network to connect thoracic surgeons from across Canada and globally, through the Spring Research Meeting (incl database) and CSF-CATS Meeting in September

There is plenty of opportunity to participate on our national committees and projects. Note that CATS is a not-for-profit corporation, and your membership fees support these projects.

Personal Benefits

  • Participation in the CATS National QI Database Project (and its annual meeting)
  • Participation in the CATS National Round Tables (approximately bimonthly) including:
    • Journal Clubs
    • Symposia / Seminars 
  • Full participation in the association according to your interests:
    • annual meeting organization
    • research initiatives
    • educational programs
    • best practice recommendations
    • QI initiatives
    • EDIA initiatives
    • wellness initiatives
    • networking / communications
  • Access to all of the CATS Best Practice Recommendations
  • Discount to the Canadian Surgical Forum (where the CATS Annual Meeting is held)
    • Access to CATS Welcome Cocktail Party
  • Eligibility for CATS traveling fellowships (for staff and residents)
  • Eligibility for CATS resident for STS meeting awards (for residents only)
  • Eligibility for CATS annual research awards (for residents only)
  • Free posting of career opportunities in the CATS newsletter / website
  • Ability to distribute research surveys to CATS members (pending approval of the Research Committee)
  • Receipt of the monthly CATS newsletter, which highlights all of these great opportunities
  • Canadian Journal of Surgery (CJS)
    • Free distribution of CJS to CATS members, including residents and students.
    • As well as other CJS discounts – please contact CATS for latest list