The CATS Mentorship Matching Program

  • The CATS Mentorship Program will match volunteer CATS members who are interested in becoming either a mentor or mentee in order to support career development, drive clinical and academic excellence, promote personal well-being, and foster inter-institutional collaboration.
  • Mentees may be trainees or surgeons at any point in their career from starting practice, through mid-career, to contemplating retirement.
  • Mentorship can be tailored to the participants’ own goals and objectives, It may be targeted depending on the mentee’s needs and the mentor’s area of expertise, in domains including career development, clinical improvement, and research.
  • Interactions are currently limited to virtual arenas due to the ongoing pandemic, but in the future plans include support for in-person interactions at venues such as the annual CATS meeting, other thoracic surgical society meetings and site visits.

How It Works:

  • Annually in the fall, the Education Committee will match mentees and mentors.
  • Those CATS members interested in participating should contact the Education lead, Dr. Simon Turner, via
  • You will be added to the distribution for sign-up and receive a survey to complete in the fall.

Thank You

For its inagural year, CATS has partnered with AstraZeneca to set up the program and would like to thank them for their very generous support of this educational initiative.