Canadian Patient Safety Initiative: Advocacy and support for use of a Surgical Safety Checklist

On behalf of the Surgical Safety Checklist (SSCL) working group chair- Dr. Giuseppe Papia and the SSCL working group, we are distributing:

CPSI has extended its sincere appreciation for the Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons’ endorsement of the Position Statement supporting a Surgical Safety Checklist.

 Posted 2019-09-29

Pan-Canadian Standards for Thoracic Surgery

The Pan-Canadian Standards for Thoracic Surgery have been publicly released. Collective efforts over the past year have culminated into a comprehensive document for thoracic surgery that can be tailored according to local health systems. This document highlights a number of key areas, including surgeon training and certification, human resource requirements to ensure timely access to care, the availability of required equipment and services, quality assurance processes and measurement capabilities. By ensuring compliance with the standards, health systems and facilities can utilize this information to organize care in a way that maximizes patient outcomes while maintaining reasonable access to care.

It is hoped that this document can be used to guide conversations with decision makers to elevate and standardize thoracic surgical care across Canada We look forward to working in partnership with CATS, as we move forward with implementation plans for the standards.

Christian Finley

Expert Lead, Clinical Measures

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer