CATS Recommendations

Given the plethora of potential important clinical topics and paucity of resources (human and material), the committee has taken the view that its work is a work in progress and will be cumulative over time. Ultimately the more member engagement there is, the more topics we can address and in a timelier fashion. Again, we have intentionally avoided the term guidelines and used recommendations consistently. New recommendations will be added on as they become ready and available. Our intention is to review and update our recommendations every 2-3 years.


EnglishFrançaisSurgeon Member Lead(s)ReviewersDate Last Updated
Achalasia RecommendationRecommandations sur l'achalasieDanny French and Anne-Sophie Laliberté2022-08-24 Posted
Prophylactic Antibiotic Use in Elective Thoracic SurgeryUtilisation d'antibioprophylaxie en chirurgie thoracique électiveSimon Turner and Anne-Sophie Laliberté2022-08-24 Posted
Safety of Air Travel Post Pneumothorax and Post Lung Resection2022-08-24 Posted
Prolonged Airleak After LobectomyLaura Donahoe, Anne-Sophie Laliberté, Simon Turner2021-09-10 Posted
Minimally Invasive Versus Open Resection for Thymic NeoplasmsBasil Nasir2021-09-10 Posted
Prevention of Esophageal Anastomotic LeaksCrispin Russel, Andrew Seely2021-09-10 Posted
Optimizing LOS after LobectomyNajib Safieddine, Sean McFadden2021-09-10 Posted
Post Esophagectomy Follow-upAnne Sophie LaliberteBrian Johnston & Andrew Seely2021-09-21 Posted
Management of EmpyemaBasil Nasir & Najib SafieddineLaura Donahoe & Brian Johnston2020-09-22 Posted
ERAS After Lung SurgeryArmen Parajian & Collin SchiemanSimon Turner2020-09-22 Posted
Preoperative Physiologic Assessment Prior to Pulmonary ResectionSimon TurnerArmen Parajian & Basil Nasir2020-09-22 Posted
Indications for Surgical Lung Biopsy and Risk StratificationSean McFadden & Laura DonahoeAndrew Seely &
Anne Sophie Laliberte
2022-08-24 Update
2020-09-22 Posted
Management of Pericardial Effusions – When to Intervene, and How?Dhruvin Hirpara & Najib SafieddineSean McFadden2020-09-22 Posted
Brain Imaging in Lung Cancer StagingBrian Johnston2018-08-30 Posted
CATS Position on E-cigarettes2019-10-16 Posted
Enhanced Recovery after Thoracic Surgery (ERATS) for EsophagectomyN. Seyednejad, B. Johnson, G. Darling, A,. Seely2019-10-16 Posted
Follow-up and Surveillance Recommendations for Patients Treated Curatively for Lung CancerArmen Parajian2022-08-24 Update
2018-08-28 Posted
Invasive Mediastinal Staging for Potentially Resectable NSCLC – Choice of Invasive ModalityBasil Nasir & Simon Turner2022-08-24 Update
2018-08-28 Posted
CATS Position on Lung Cancer ScreeningSean McFadden & Colin Schieman2022-08-24 Update
2018-04-05 Posted
Management of Malignant Pleural EffusionsDaniel Jones, Laura Donahoe, Najib Safieddine2019-10-16 Posted
Opioids After Elective Ambulatory Thoracic Surgery 2019-10-16 Posted
Review and Analysis of Strategies for Prediction, Prevention and Management of Post-operative Atrial Fibrillation after Non-cardiac Thoracic SurgeryAndrew Seely2022-08-24 Update
2018-09-10 Posted
Intraoperative Mediastinal Lymphnode Sampling vs Dissection for Subsolid Lung Nodule, Invasive Lung Cancer and Metastatetomy2019-10-16 Posted
Surgical Wait Times for Resectable Lung CancerJohn Agzarian & Najib Safieddine2022-08-24 Update
2020-08-29 Posted
Thoracic Surgery Perioperative VTE ProphylaxisJohn Agzarian & Julius Poon2018-08-29 Posted
Tracheostomy in COVID PatientsAnne-Sophie Laliberté and Andrew SeelySean McFadden2021-01-22 Posted