Best Practice


To help ensure Thoracic Surgery delivery across Canada is high quality, timely, patient centered, and socially responsible


In its quest to fulfill its mandate and remain true to its vision statement, the committee strives to address clinically relevant topics for recommendations while being well aware of its own limited resources as well as the lack of level one evidence for many of these clinically significant questions. Therefore, we intentionally chose the term “recommendations” and not “guidelines”.

The committee has made a concerted effort to provide best supporting evidence and/or consensus opinion for each set of recommendations in addition to acknowledging the impact of regional and local factors in shaping how these recommendations are implemented. This understanding has informed the individualized format in which each set of recommendations has been presented.

This is a collaborative effort and the committee invites membership to get involved.


Given the plethora of potential important clinical topics and paucity of resources (human and material), the committee has taken the view that its work is a work in progress and will be cumulative over time. Ultimately the more member engagement there is, the more topics we can address and in a timelier fashion. Again, we have intentionally avoided the term guidelines and used recommendations consistently. New recommendations will be added on as they become ready and available. Our intention is to review and update our recommendations every 2-3 years.

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