Ginsberg Award

Dr. Robert J. Ginsberg Resident Research Award

In memory of Dr. Robert Ginsberg, this award is presented for the most outstanding resident research project and presentation. Below is a complete list of the past recipients of this award.

2018D. Hylton et al.McMaster UniversityThe Canada Lymph Node Sonographic Score: National Validation of a Sonographic Score to Determine the Probability of Malignancy in Mediastinal Lymph Nodes at the Time of Endoscopic Ultrasound Assessment
2017Peter MalikMcMaster UniversityIncentive Spirometry With Physiotherapy Vs. Physiotherapy Alone for the Prevention of Postoperative Pulmonary Complications: A Randomized Controlled Trial
2016C. Mann, E. Vallieres, A.S. Farivar, R.W. Aye, B.E. LouieSwedish Medical Center and Cancer Institute, Seattle, Washington.Salvage resection after high-dose radiation therapy for NSCLC
2015J. Agzarian, L. Schneider, W.C. Hanna, C. Finley, C. Schieman, L.A. Linkins, M. Crowther, M. De Perrot, T. Waddell, Y. ShargallMcMaster UniversityIncidence of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis following major lung resection: a prospective multicentre incidence study
2014Dr. S. CoughlinWestern UniversityIs it safe to wait? The effect of surgical wait times on survival in non-small cell lung cancer.
2013Dr. J. EdwardsUniversity of CalgaryA novel approach to thoracic surgery workforce planning: are we training too many or too few.
2012Dr. W.C. HannaUniversity of TorontoA new paradigm in the follow-up after curative resection for lung cancer
2011Dr. L. LeeMcGill UniversityEstimating the risk of prolonged air leak after pulmonary resection using a simple scoring system.
2010Dr. JD SpicerUniversity of MontrealThe role of neutrophils in lung cancer metastases: friend or foe?
2009Dr. Colin SchiemanUniversity of CalgaryCan preoperative computed tomography of the chest predict completeness of the major pulmonary fissure at surgery?
2008Dr. D. AlshehabUniversity of OttawaRole Of Intrapleural Tissue Plasminogen Activator And Streptokinase In Management Of Complicated Pleural Effusions.
2007Dr. Maurice BlitzUniversity of CalgaryThe evolution of thoracic surgical literature.
2006Dr. Alexander LeeUniversity of Western OntarioVideo Assisted Thoracic Surgery Lobectomy
2005Dr. Patrick NechalaUniversity of CalgaryA Retrospective Analysis Of The Clinical Performance Of Anterior Mediastinoscopy.
2004Dr. Dalilah FortinUniversity of Western OntarioEsophageal Perforation: A Twenty Two Year Experience.