Pearson Lecturers

YearPearson LecturerTalk Title
2018Dunning, JoelThe new era of thoracic surgery
2017Mitchell, JohnSurgery for Mycobacterial Disease
2016Naunheim, KThoracoscopic Sublobar Resections
2015Rocco, GAn Algorithm for Chest Wall Reconstruction
2014Duranceau, AThe Achalasia Myotomy
2013Deschamps, CQuality and Safety in the Surgical Practice at the Mayo Clinic
2012Luketich, JThe Evolution of MIS Esophagectomy
2011D'Amico, TThorascopic Lobectomy: Management of Locally Advanced Lung Cancer
2010Patterson, ASurgeons, Are We Being Left Behind?
2009DeMeester, TomThe Therapy Gap in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
2008Goldstraw, PeterHistory of TNM Staging in Cancer
2007Cooper, JoelHistory of Lung Transplantation
2006Mathisen, DougTracheal Surgery
2005Wong, JohnEsophagectomy for Cancer: A Proposal for International Best Practice
2004Orringer, MarkTranshiatal Esophagectomy – Evolution and Refinements
2003Wood, DougLung Volume Reduction Surgery: Results from the NETT and Outlook for the Future
2002Ginsberg, RobertEducating the Thoracic Surgeon: Past, Present and Future
2001Mulder, DavidThoracic Trauma
2000Dartevelle, PhilippeSurgery for Pulmonary Hypertension
1999Deslauriers, JeanTracheo-Bronchoplasty in the Management of Lung Cancer
1998Pearson, F GriffithThe History of Esophageal Surgery in Canada