Funding Available for CATS Resident Members to Attend the STS Meeting

STS Meeting

CATS resident members are invited to provide their CV and write a brief letter outlining why they would like to attend the STS meeting to A CATS resident member will be selected based on the quality of their application by the CATS Executive Committee.

  • Recipients should be members of the STS.
  • CATS will cover the meeting costs (reasonable economy travel, hotel, food) upon presentation of receipts.  Contact CATS for guidelines.

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • quality of the letter of application detailing the reasons to attend
  • quality of the applicant’s CV

Bonus criteria:

  • if the applicant has something accepted to present
  • if the applicant is a thoracic fellow

Deadline: December 1 annually.

CATS Executive Committee

Previous winners:

YearTraveling Fellowship AwardTraveling Fellowship Awardee
2024Staff - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Ong, Sharon
2024Resident - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Huynh, Caroline
2023Staff - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Schieman, Colin
2023Resident - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Brophy, Shawn
2023Resident - STS Meeting Travel Award (Sponsored by STS)Gupta, Vaibhav
2022Resident - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Khazoom, Francois
2022Staff - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Villeneuve, P. James
2021Resident - (Virtual) STS Meeting Travel Award (Sponsored by STS)Al Sawalhi, Samer
Jogiat, Uzair
Ednie, Alexander
2019Resident - STS Meeting Travel Award (Sponsored by STS)Nayak, Rahul
2019Resident - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Qiabi, Mehdi
2019Staff - Travelling Fellowship (Sponsored by STS)Turner, Simon
2018Staff - Travelling FellowshipScheiman, Colin
2018Resident - Travelling FellowshipChoi, James
2017Resident - Travelling FellowshipCheung, Victoria