In recent years, a number of invited lectureships have become integral to our annual September CATS Meeting held in conjunction with the CSF.

  • Since an agreement signed in 2018, STS has funded a speaker to attend our CATS Meeting.
  • For 2020-24, an agreement was struck with the ESTS to fund a lecturer at both the CATS annual meeting and the ESTS annual meeting.
  • CATS also has its own invited lectureships, which continue to grow.
YearLecturerLectureshipTalk Title
2023Darling, GailPresident's LectureThe Importance of Human Connection
2023Optiz, IsabelleESTS Invited LecturerPancoast – SWOT chemoRT vs chemoIO, Surgical Considerations
2023Huang, JamesSTS Invited LecturerManaging Multiple Primary Lung Cancers
2023Okereke, IkennaEDIA Invited LecturerFostering Mentorship, Engaging Marginalized Groups in Medicine
2023Lemaire, JaneSean C. Grondin Memorial Lecture Coffee Conversation - Physician Wellness and Mental Illness in Surgeons
2023Grimminck, RachelSean C. Grondin Memorial Lecture Coffee Conversation - Physician Wellness and Mental Illness in Surgeons
2022Dockstator, MarkEDIA Invited LecturerStarting the conversation, what CATS can do to improve Indigenous health
2022Aigner, ClemensESTS Invited LecturerSurgical Management of Advanced Lung Cancer
2022Molena, DanielaSTS Invited LecturerImmunotherapy in the Management of Esophageal Cancer
2022Ashraf, NoumanPresident's Invited LecturerExpanding leadership (EDIA) - Leader as Learner: Creating a Learning Culture that Enables Cultural Fluency
2021Seely, AndrewPresident's LecturePresident Practice Changing Ideas in Surgery and Research & Thoracic Surgery
2021Ruffini, Enrico ESTS InvitedThe TNM staging system of thymic tumors: a drive to optimal therapeutic management
2021Cooke, DavidSTS InvitedImproving Healthcare Through Diversity – Thoracic Surgeons as Change Agents
2019Mulder, DavidPresident’s Invited Lecturer
2019Brunelli, AlexESTS InvitedEuropean innovations in thoracic surgery
2019Coulson, Yolanda STS InvitedThe evolution of sentinel lymph node mapping in lung cancer
2018Grondin, SeanPresident's Lecture5D Leadership
2018Low, DonaldPresident’s Invited LecturerStandardized Clinical Pathways and ERAS Protocols: Are they Enough to Keep Surgeons Relevant in the Management of Esophageal Cancer?
2018Mathisen, DouglasRoyal College Gallie LectureSurgeon Scientist in an Era of Declining Revenues, RVS’s and Work Hours
2018Dunning, JoelESTS InvitedThe New Era of Thoracic Surgery
2018Blackmon, ShondaSTS InvitedSmall bowel interposition
2017Sihoe, AllanPresident's Invited LecturerNew Concepts in Thoracic Surgery / When East Meets West in Thoracic Surgery
2016Bethune, DrewPresident's Lecture
2015Valliere, EricPresident's Invited LectureshipAdvances in Management of Lung Cancer