CATS-CSF 2019 Meeting is in Montreal

  • 2019 – September 5-7, The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, QC
  • 2020 – September 24-26, The Hyatt Regency & Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

The Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons (CATS) holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF) in September.

CATS Sessions at CSF 2018*

Last updated Thursday, September 6, 2018 (PDF version: CSF 2018 Draft Agenda Updated 20180906)

  • Note: Delta refers to Main floor, Harbourview Ballroom (also labelled as Salons E, F & G on site)
  • Full CATS Research Abstracts are available at here. Scroll to pages 143 to 153 for the CATS Abstracts.
  • Use the “search box” to filter by person, title, day, topic, (e.g., ERAS or lung) etc.
DayTimeLocationSession ChairEventSpeaker
September 12, 20181900-2100SJCC- Churchill 1, Level 3CATS Executive Meeting (closed)
September 13, 20180730-1200SJCC - Level 3, Victoria 3Laura DonahoePostgrad Course: Top 9 Topics in Thoracic Surgery
0800-0820 (S. Turner) Multifocal Adenocarcinoma
0820-0840 (A. McGuire) Surgical Management of the Intra-thoracic Stomach
0840-0900 (M. dePerrot) Mesothelioma
0900-0920 (S. Gilbert) Management of Early Esophageal Cancer
0920-0940 (C. Russell) Smoking Cessation
0940-1000 Break
1000-1020 (C. Compeau) Management of Chest Wall Deformities
1020-1040 (D Maziak) Disorders of the Trachea
1040-1100 (M. Plourde) Management of Pneumothorax
1100-1120 (B. Kidane) Thoracic Trauma
September 13, 20181200-1330St. Mary’s Bay, Main floor, Delta Sadeesh SrinathanRoyal College National Specialty Committee
September 13, 20181330-1600Delta Main Floor Salon E&FWael HannaCATS Research Meeting
September 13, 20181600-1700Delta Main Floor Salon E&FNajib SaffedieneBest Practice Committee
September 13, 20181900-2100Bier Markt - 135 Harbour DriveCATS Welcome Cocktail
September 14, 20180730-0745DeltaLight Breakfast, Coffee
September 14, 20180745-0800DeltaJames Villeneuve & Sean GrondinWelcoming remarks
September 14, 20180800-0915DeltaJonathan Spicer & Simon Turner CATS ERAS Session *NEW*
September 14, 20180800-0805DeltaWelcome and IntroductionJonathan Spicer
September 14, 20180805-0820DeltaEnhanced recovery after surgery – What are the key elements and how to build the ideal program?Liane Feldman
September 14, 20180820-0835DeltaERAS in EuropeJoel Dunning
September 14, 20180835-0850DeltaSpecial Protocol Components within ERASDonald Low
September 14, 20180850-0905DeltaEnhanced Recovery after Thoracic Surgery – How far can we take it?Jonathan Spicer
September 14, 20180905-0915DeltaERAS Discussion
September 14, 20180915-1000DeltaSean Grondin & Andrew SeelyCATS Business Meeting (AGM)
September 14, 20180915-1015JAGChing YeungConcurrent Resident / Professor Brunch
September 14, 20181000-1015DeltaCoffee / Networking Break
September 14, 20181015-1100DeltaIntroduction by Andrew SeelyCATS Presidential Address: TBASean Grondin
September 14, 20181100-1145DeltaIntroduction by Sean GrondinCATS President’s Invited Lecture: Standardized Clinical Pathways and ERAS Protocols: Are they Enough to Keep Surgeons Relevant in the Management of Esophageal Cancer?Donald Low
September 14, 20181200-1330SJCC – Exhibit HallConcurrent Lunch
September 14, 20181200-1330SJCC – Bannerman 3, Level 2Wael Hanna & Biniam KidaneCATS ePoster Session
September 14, 20181205-1210SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-01 Laparoscopic Heller myotomy with or without Dor fundoplication for the treatment of achalasia. Do surgical outcomes differ?H. Roy (University of Saskatchewan) et al.
September 14, 20181210-1215SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-02 Esophageal Replacement Following Gastric Devascularization Is Safe But May Not Decrease Anastomotic Complications of a Cervical AnastomosisN. Hanna (Queen's University) et al.
September 14, 20181215-1220SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-03 Surgical morbidity of full-thickness chest wall resection for breast cancer: a coarsened exact matching studyM. Elmi (University of Toronto) et al.
September 14, 20181220-1225SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-04 Enhanced Recovery After Lung Cancer Surgery in Canada: A Survey of Current PracticesV. Cheung (University of Calgary) et al.
September 14, 20181225-1230SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-05 Enhanced Recovery After Esophagectomy in Canada: A Survey of Current PracticesV. Cheung (University of Calgary) et al.
September 14, 20181230-1235SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-06 Comparison of Outcomes with Operative and Non-Operative Treatment of Thoracic Empyema: A Population Based StudyR. Nayak (Queen's University) et al.
September 14, 201812:35-12:40SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-07 Impact of positive parenchymal margins following non small cell lung cancer resectionA. Kinio (University of Ottawa) et al.
September 14, 20181240-1245SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-08 Uniportal Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Pulmonary Resection: First Series in Western CanadaJ. Ojah (University of British Columbia) et al.
September 14, 20181245-1250SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-09 A Huge posterior mediastinal retrosternal goiter surgically removed through cervicosternal approachA. Najjar et al.
September 14, 20181250-1255SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-10 Safety and efficacy of dose reduction of Tissue Plasminogen Activator in the treatment of empyema: A retrospective cohort studyD. Parente (University of Toronto) et al.
September 14, 20181255-1300SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-11 Lung surface tracking during VATS can help characterize lung tissue stiffness variationsN. Chopra (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics, London, Ontario) et al.
September 14, 20181300-1305SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-14 Contemporary trends in level of evidence in General Thoracic Surgery clinical researchM. Mehta (McMaster University) et al.
September 14, 20181305-1310SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-15 Tools for Individualized Survival Prediction in Esophageal and Gastroesophageal Junction CancerV. Gupta (University of Toronto) et al.
September 14, 20181310-1315SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-16 Survival for esophageal cancer during regionalization in OntarioV. Gupta (University of Toronto) et al.
September 14, 20181315-1320SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-19 Prognostic value of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in lung metastasectomy of colorectal cancerJ. Spicer (McGill University Health Center) et al.
September 14, 20181320-1325SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-21 Pilot study of implementation of an enhanced recovery pathway following minimally invasive esophagectomy in a Canadian thoracic academic centreS. Gowing (University of Ottawa) et al.
September 14, 20181325-1330SJCC – Bannerman 3CATS-25 Patient trajectory in the evaluation and treatment of high grade dysplasia and T1 esophageal cancer with endoscopic mucosal resection versus esophagectomyJ. Taylor (McMaster University) et al.
September 14, 20181330-1500SJCC – Level 2, Bowring 2&4 Adam Meneghetti & Drew BethuneCATS-CAGS Foregut Session
September 14, 20181330-1345SJCC – Bowring 2&4When to use mesh in hiatal hernia repairsDonald Low
September 14, 20181345-1400SJCC – Bowring 2&4Reflux & manometry testing; the right test for the right patientStacey Williams
September 14, 20181400-1415SJCC – Bowring 2&4Managing symptomatic hiatal hernias in morbidly obese patientsDaniel Herron
September 14, 20181415-1430SJCC – Bowring 2&4Barrett’s esophagus management, to ablate or not to ablateJon Cools-Lartigue
September 14, 20181430-1445SJCC – Bowring 2&4Is endoscopic intramural surgery changing how we treat benign esophageal diseases?Jeffery Marks
September 14, 20181445-1500SJCC – Bowring 2&4Discussion
September 14, 20181500-1530DeltaCoffee / Networking Break
September 14, 20181530-1630DeltaJ. Dickie & Doug WoodCATS Lung Session
September 14, 20181530-1545DeltaLung cancer screeningDonna Maziak
September 14, 20181545-1600DeltaTreatment of “screen positive” nodules (15minJoel Dunning
September 14, 20181600-1615DeltaOptimal post-treatment follow-up of screen-detected early lung cancersKeith Naunheim
September 14, 20181615-1630DeltaDiscussion
September 14, 20181830-0000The Rooms CATS 20th Anniversary Gala Reception (1830) Dinner (1930)
September 15, 20180715-0815SJCC – Exhibit HallBreakfast & Exhibits
September 15, 20180900-0930SJCC – Level 2, Bowring 2&4Introduction by Sean GrondinRoyal College Gallie Lecture: Surgeon Scientist in an Era of Declining Revenues, RVS’s and Work HoursDoug Mathisen
September 15, 20180940-1030DeltaRichard Malthaner & Cathy MannCATS Esophagus Session
September 15, 20180940-1000DeltaEsophageal DefinitionsDonald Low
September 15, 20181000-1020DeltaSmall bowel interpositionShanda Blackmon
September 15, 20181020-1030DeltaEsophagus Discussion
September 15, 20181030-1115DeltaIntroduction by Gail DarlingCATS FG Pearson Lecture: The new era of thoracic surgeryJoel Dunning
September 15, 20181115-1215DeltaCrispin Russell & Renee Kennedy
(Introduction by Wael Hanna)
CATS Paper Session (1)
September 15, 20181115-1130DeltaCATS-12 Symptom control and quality of life over time following Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy and Dor Fundoplication for AchalasiaM. Doubova (University of Ottawa) et al
September 15, 20181130-1145DeltaCATS-13 The addition of mobile app technology to a post-discharge home care program following major lung resection reduces the rate of Emergency Room visitsJ. Taylor (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181145-1200DeltaCATS-24 The VTE PRO: An initial analysis of a pilot feasibility, double blind, Randomised Control Trial comparing extended, post-discharge VTE prophylaxis with placebo in patients undergoing major oncological lung resectionsY. Shargall (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181200-1215DeltaCATS-17 Intense Surveillance with Low Dose Computed Tomography After Resection of Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Are we doing too many scans?P. Thomas (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181215-1300SJCC – Level 2, Bowring 2&4Lunch
September 15, 20181300-1400DeltaLaura Donahoe & James MastersCATS Paper Session (2)
September 15, 20181300-1315DeltaCATS-18 Anatomical resections improve survival following lung metastasectomy of colorectal cancer harboring KRAS mutations.J. Spicer (Mcgill University Health Center) et al
September 15, 20181315-1330DeltaCATS-20 Where to start-Comparing induction chemoradiotherapy and upfront surgery in the treatment of clinical T2N0 esophageal cancerJ. Agzarian (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181330-1345DeltaCATS-22 The cost burden of esophageal anastomotic leaks-a steep price to payJ. Agzarian (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181345-1400DeltaCATS-26 The Canada Lymph Node Sonographic Score: National Validation of a Sonographic Score to Determine the Probability of Malignancy in Mediastinal Lymph Nodes at the Time of Endoscopic Ultrasound AssessmentD. Hylton (McMaster University) et al
September 15, 20181400-1445DeltaCoffee / Networking Break
September 15, 20181445-1500DeltaSean GrondinPresentation of Research Awards, Travelling Fellowships, and CATS Executive Announcements
September 15, 20181500-1700DeltaGail Darling & John MitchellCATS-STS Difficult Case Debates *New*
• Post pneumonectomy empyema - what are the next steps after repeated Claggett windows?
• Ehlers-Danlos – How to manage recurrent hemoptysis?
• Management of residual esophagus after esophageal bypass surgery
• Left-sided glandular papillary tumour - a 'benign' problem in an inconvenient place
• 'You probably shouldn't have that cookie' - managing the defunctioned esophagus
Michael Humer (CATS)
Eric Vallieres, (CATS)
Shona Smith (CATS)
John Dickie (CATS)
Shanda Blackmon (STS)
Doug Wood (STS)
Doug Mathisen (STS)
Keith Naunheim (STS)
Difficult Case Presenters:
Sean Grondin
James Masters
Daniel French
Anna McGuire
James Villeneuve / Steven Gowing (time permitting)
September 15, 20181715-1815DeltaConference Debrief