Annual Meeting 

CSF Program 2023

This year’s Canadian Surgery Forum will be taking place 2023- September 20-23, The Fairmont Hotel & Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, BC

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CATS Program

CATS Highlights include:

  • Hands-on Post-graduate Course on Chest Wall Trauma
  • Sessions on Lung Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Mesothelioma, Mediastinum, Thoracic Surgeon Engagement – Life Beyond Surgery, and a joint session with Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology on Gastric Cancer
  • Dr. Sean Grondin Memorial Lecture given by Dr. Jane Lamaire and Dr. Rachel Grimminck
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Invited Lecturer Dr. Ikenna Okereke from Henry Ford Hospital
  • Pearson Invited Lecturer Dr. Nasser K Altorki from New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
  • STS Invited Lecturer Dr. James Huang from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • ESTS Invited Lecturer Dr. Isabelle Opitz from University Hospital Zurich

CATS Research Abstracts

Canadian Surgery Forum Manager

Past CATS Annual Meetings and Programs

CATS ConferenceYearDatesCityProvinceProgram
1st Annual Meeting1998September 1MontrealQuebec
2nd Annual Meeting1999September 24-25MontrealQuebec
3th Annual Meeting2000June 2-3TorontoOntario
4th Annual Meeting2001September 7-9Quebec CityQuebec
5th Annual Meeting2002September 20-21LondonOntario
6th Annual Meeting2003September 19-20VancouverBritish Columbia
7th Annual Meeting2004September 10-11OttawaOntario
8th Annual Meeting2005September 9-10MontrealQuebec
9th Annual Meeting2006September 8-10CalgaryAlberta
10th Annual Meeting2007September 7-9TorontoOntario
11th Annual Meeting2008September 11-13HalifaxNova Scotia
12th Annual Meeting2009September 11-13VictoriaBritish Columbia
13th Annual Meeting2010September 2-5Quebec CityQuebec
14th Annual Meeting2011September 15-18LondonOntario2011 Program
15th Annual Meeting2012September 13-16CalgaryAlberta2012 Program
16th Annual Meeting2013September 19-22OttawaOntario2013 Program
17th Annual Meeting2014September 18-20VancouverBritish Columbia2014 Program
18th Annual Meeting2015September 16-20Quebec CityQuebec2015 Program
19th Annual Meeting2016September 8-10TorontoOntario2016 Program
20th Annual Meeting2017September 12-14VictoriaBritish Columbia2017 Program
21st Annual Meeting2018September 13-15St. John’sNewfoundland2018 Program
22nd Annual Meeting2019September 5-7MontréalQuébec2019 Program
23rd Annual Meeting2020September 24-26Cancelled due to COVID-19
24th Annual Meeting2021September 21-24Virtual2021 Program
25th Annual Meeting2022September 15-17TorontoOntario

Recent CATS Invited Lecturers

2022Dr. Thomas WaddellPearson LectureMultimodality Management of Pulmonary Metastases
2022Dr. Nouman AshrafPresident's LectureLeader as Learner: Creating a Learning Culture that Enables Cultural Fluency
2022Dr. Daniela MolenaSTS InvitedImmunotherapy in the Management of Esophageal Cancer
2021Dr. Garrett Walsh Pearson Lecture (2020)Paying homage to my Canadian surgical training and mentors after 30 years of a Thoracic oncology practice
2021Dr. Andrew SeelyPresident's LecturePresident Practice Changing Ideas in Surgery and Research & Thoracic Surgery
2021Dr. Enrico Ruffini ESTS InvitedThe TNM staging system of thymic tumors: a drive to optimal therapeutic management
2021Dr. David Tom Cooke STS InvitedImproving Healthcare Through Diversity – Thoracic Surgeons as Change Agents
2021Dr. Valerie Rusch Pearson LectureAdvances in Lung Cancer Care
2019Dr. David MulderPresident’s Invited Lecturer
2019Dr. Shaf KeshavjeePearson Lecture
2019Dr. Alessandro (Alex) BrunelliESTS InvitedEuropean innovations in thoracic surgery
2019Dr. Yolanda CoulsonSTS InvitedThe evolution of sentinel lymph node mapping in lung cancer
2018Dr. Sean GrondinPresident's Lecture5D Leadership
2018Dr. Donald Low President’s Invited LecturerStandardized Clinical Pathways and ERAS Protocols: Are they Enough to Keep Surgeons Relevant in the Management of Esophageal Cancer?
2018Dr. Douglas MathisenRoyal College Gallie LectureSurgeon Scientist in an Era of Declining Revenues, RVS’s and Work Hours
2018Dr. Joel DunningESTS InvitedThe New Era of Thoracic Surgery
2018Dr. Shonda BlackmonSTS InvitedSmall bowel interposition
2017Dr. Alan SihoePresident's Invited LecturerNew Concepts in Thoracic Surgery / When East Meets West in Thoracic Surgery
2017Dr. John MitchellPearson LectureSurgical Infections of the Chest
2016Dr. Drew BethunePresident's Lecture
2016Dr. Keith NeinheimPearson LectureAdvances in Management of Lung Cancer / Thoracoscopic Sublobar Resections
2016Dr. Eric VallierePresident's Invited Lectureship (Advances in Management of Lung Cancer
2015Dr. Gaetano RoccoPearson Lecture