Safety of Air Travel Post Pneumothorax and Post Lung Resection


As thoracic surgeons, our patients look to us to guide their safe recovery and return to normal activities. In this guideline we address the safety of commercial air travel in two settings:

  1. Post spontaneous pneumothorax
  2. Post lung resection


There is a paucity of evidence to guide thoracic surgeons and thus their patients on the safety of commercial air travel in either setting.  There are no prospective studies in either case. All recommendations are based on expert opinion and retrospective data.

  1. The presence of a pneumothorax is considered an absolute contraindication to air travel due to the potential to expand in flight. For patients post spontaneous pneumothorax, current guidelines suggest between one and three weeks between complete radiographic resolution and commercial air travel. The optimal timing is unknown. Factors that may prompt the thoracic surgeon to advise a more conservative time frame include:
    • Underlying lung disease, especially:
      • Severe bullous emphysema
      • Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
      • Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome
    • Limited cardiopulmonary reserve
    • Whether the patient received an intervention and how definitive that was deemed to be
  1. For patients post lung resection, data is again lacking to inform return to air travel. Accordingly, guidelines give discretion to the surgeons and practice patterns vary widely.  In the only sizeable study, which was a retrospective survey design, there was no significant difference in adverse events according to air travel vs ground travel upon discharge post lung resection.


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