Ginsberg Award

Dr. Robert J. Ginsberg Resident Research Award

In memory of Dr. Robert Ginsberg, this award is presented for the most outstanding resident research project and presentation. Below is a complete list of the past recipients of this award.

2016 C. Mann, E. Vallieres, A.S. Farivar, R.W. Aye, B.E. Louie – Swedish Medical Center and Cancer Institute, Seattle, Washington.
Salvage resection after high-dose radiation therapy for NSCLC

2015 J. Agzarian, L. Schneider, W.C. Hanna, C. Finley, C. Schieman, L.A. Linkins, M. Crowther,
M. De Perrot, T. Waddell, Y. Shargall – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.
Incidence of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis following major lung resection: a prospective multicentre incidence study

2014 Dr. S. Coughlin – Western University
Is it safe to wait? The effect of surgical wait times on survival in non-small cell lung cancer.

2013 Dr. J. Edwards – University of Calgary
A novel approach to thoracic surgery workforce planning: are we training too many or too few.

2012 Dr. W.C. Hanna – University of Toronto
A new paradigm in the follow-up after curative resection for lung cancer – Minimal dose CT scan allows for early detection of asymptomatic cancer activity.

2011 Dr. L. Lee – McGill University, Montreal, Que
Estimating the risk of prolonged air leak after pulmonary resection using a simple scoring system.

2010 Dr. JD Spicer – University of Montreal
The role of neutrophils in lung cancer metastases: friend or foe?

2009 Dr. Colin Schieman – University of Calgary
Can preoperative computed tomography of the chest predict completeness of the major pulmonary fissure at surgery?

2008 Dr. D. Alshehab – University of Ottawa
Role Of Intrapleural Tissue Plasminogen Activator And Streptokinase In Management Of Complicated Pleural Effusions.

2007 Dr. Maurice Blitz – University of Calgary
The evolution of thoracic surgical literature.

2006 Dr. Alexander Lee – University of Western Ontario
Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Lobectomy – Total Endoscopic/Closed Chest Dissection: Technique And Initial Results. The London Ontario Experience.

2005 Dr. Patrick Nechala – University of Calgary
A Retrospective Analysis Of The Clinical Performance Of Anterior Mediastinoscopy.

2004    Dr. Dalilah Fortin – University of Western Ontario
Esophageal Perforation: A Twenty Two Year Experience.